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When Is Hump Day And How To Welcome This Boring Day

When Is Hump Day? Many people want to know when is hump day. Actually its the middle day of every weak which is also known Wednesday. So basically every Wednesday is called Hump Day. 

When Is Hump Day

When Is Hump Day 

Every Wednesday is a week is known as Happy Hump Day. It’s the middle day of the week.

Why Wednesday Is A Hump Day :

Hump is the top part of camel and it’s like going up and down just like the curve. On the other hand, Wednesday is the middle means at Wednesday we are at the top and after that, we go down just like the hump. This is the way we called Wednesday A Hump Day. Its very boring day of the week because the half week is left and we have to do work for more two days which make people sad and tired. You can make this day a better day by going outside after the job and hang out with your family or with your friends.

Hump Day And Wednesday

Hump Day And Camel 

People also related this day with the camel top. As we see the camel top first increase then I go down. The same case you see in the week. The first half of week goes to the top and when the top part comes this is Hump Day and after it, the second half of week start which goes down.

How To Make This Day A Better Day

Start your day with a morning walk and have a cup of coffee or tea. Coffee and tea makes you fresh and gives the energy to face this boring day. Read Some Hump Day Quotes and get motivation from these quotes.


So the conclusion is Hump Day is the middle day of the week which is Wednesday. You can spend this day better by having a cup of tea or coffee.

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